IPL and Elections

Even in this hard hitting times, If there are two things, where the moolah gushes, it should be IPL and our own elections .

The former is a yearly affair, whereas the later is once in 5 years, and is anterior to every citizen

After period of 5 weeks, we would know who would occupy the hot seat leading biggest democracy in the world .

Indian election commission is a great body, when it comes to conducting national elections, and other countries can certainly take a leaf out of its book

Even though the manifestos are just a gimmick , coalition government seems to be the answer for last decade or so.

This intelligibly shows we are short of confidence in one national party ,mainly due to lack of choice .

India needs a Obama, but unfortunately we are short of visionary leaders.Even one who aspires to be , will be mulled down by our old foxes .

The PM candidate from ruling party is 78 and the opposition is 81, and if they get selected , their cabinet ministers average age is around 65

Now Do we have a choice ..? more drama is yet to unfold in next 5 weeks , as regional parties,claim to be kingmakers ( jokers!!)

But Indian elections still holds all charisma and majo , to be free and fair one , as largest democratic exercise .

Hoping for terror free polls and great leader to lead our young nation in paths of glory .

Moving on to IPL, It has become more of Indian political league, having moved away from India .

The Buzz we had last year would be missing, as Eden gardens is no Bull Ring or Newlands,

The Home minister has very right to reject paramilitary forces,rightly so, during election time,but Lalit modi is too pragmatic a man to waste such a feast not to happen .

Good to see Shane warne, Mcrath back on action , My money is on Daredevils to win this edition , even though heart goes for Chennai .

Albeit Juvenile IPL is no F1 or EPl in $$$ terms, It is still a maiden exemplar for merging Entertainment with sport ,a Win -Win situation .