JAI HO .....

ARR has finally won something which was due for his hardwork and quality music...The Oscar

I was watching all Live the event in office ( Courtesy : Media 5 in our Cafeteria ) !!!

This means a lot to his fans all over the world , His sales records' speak for themselves , surpassing all combined Madonna's , Spears', and other solo performers of this generation.

ARR has evolved over last 2 decades, re-inventing himself , presenting to larger world new refreshing music, blending technology with Tasteful soul stirring music .

A true Genius , The Mozart of madras , thoroughly deserved this honour,for all his perseverance ,hardwork and Quality of music,which he never compromises .

As Always, He is down to earth and dedicates award to his mother and God . He always mentions "God is great " , sure his divine connection and simpleness always keeps him grounded , but his aura has reached dizzy heights .
My personal favorite ARR song is "Yeh jo Desh hai mera" from Swades .

He has put Indian Music Map in the Oscar limelight and and day is not far, when a true Indian Film bags one Oscar , needless to say it will have ARR in it.

JAI HO !!!

Blushing Boredom

Offlate, I have been reading books at a pace, which I have never done in my life.

Books are filling in space left by my good friends,to blush boredom .

To add my Zeal, Singapore hosts many Second Sale Book Shows, and every locality has huge lending Library.
Even though I m a ardent Archer follower, I m going through some biographical books lately which are mind blowing.
Chetan Bhagat is also fast becoming an Indian Icon in space (Shelfari,Google,biblio) ,I still feel
"5 point" had more freshness,pristine thoughts and a feel good factor.
He then moved on to "Call center World and then to Cricket,Religion in " 3 Mistakes" . The former was made into a Bolly Flop, while I guess the later is also script worth of masala flick .
A IIM passout, No Candy, he knows how to sell his Words,but his Lingo is quite good Urbanite humor, catering Gen Y and Z .
Zoya factor is another one worth for money-An Adwomen's view of marketing Cricket.
Nine on Nine , by Nandita Puri, has been rated as one of the Pioneer in modern era , has more feminine flavor , but TOI Experience helps her heal it, to present it in a sweet manner.
Debono,Stephen Covey,LouisGerstner,Spencer Johnson,..........They all belong to special list in my mindspace, as they always help in reinventing/F5 my memory cache, albeit they are strangers :(

The Curious Case Of SlumDog

For a movie, which recieved standing Ovation at BAFTA and Gloden globe , SDM(not my manager) is really on Medal bagging running spree ,enroute to Oscar.
Another movie which is in contention with our own SDM (its become ours since its made on India and has ARR) is " Curious case of Benjamin Button "
I did watch both movies, and both movies are poles apart, and I m not sure who said Universal themes gets nominated ..:(
The former is a normal rags to riches story, with someone from Slum goes on to win Huge money, in popularised tele Quiz Show hosted by Anilkapoor(?)
Danny Boyle (some of his earlier movies are even better) is too pragmatic a man to waste Vikasswarup's Q & A .He really saw Gold in it and presented to First and Second World , and then finally brought to Thirdworld .
Mumbai, even though has enough Chobadpatti's , is limned as desperate ugly city which has people who will dwell anything for money.
The Idea was clear for boyle, as he envisioned Westerners could connect to three things in film , apart from some good acting by Brit actors.
Callcentre Chaiwala's Love for latika, Millionare program (way It was connected to real time scenarios) & AR Rehman
ARR, in my opinion and n many Indians' eyes maynot have given his best music,in his standards, for this film, but it was used effectively by Boyle and culmination song JAIHO was Icing on Cake for the film.

The Later , Benjamin Button , is eccentric movie in its very thought.It encapsulates the life of a person from childhood to oldage ..
Seems normal..nahh... just think upside down ... A baby born old grows and dies young ....
A great thought spilled sporadically by some good scenes,and has Bradpitt giving stellar performance , is good enough to contend for Academy awards.
The Film is moving in slow pace...but individual life stories needs that at times ...
Even though Daisy was looking beautiful(Kid and Teen)in the film, the Aunt and Lightning man brought more cheers to the story

And the whole story , as in Titanic, is in a diary,being told in a Windy katrina twilight time by leading Lady to her daughter.
The Award goes to "The curious case of Slum Dog " - I guess Jury would prefer the latter for some obvious reasons known to them .

Thunder Down Under ..

There has been the absorbing sport all last couple of weeks , be it the Steelers steeling the show in the Superbowl for the third time, or gimmicks over Chelsea in EPL, or Who's the Biggest Dollar cat in IPL (for a change lets spare Dog)
If its going be Jan/Feb, You gotta be down under , Aussie dominance mozzie finally sucking its own blood under pressure , having lost to SF in test series and in Onedayers. Cricket wont be onesided anymore :(
But the real treat to all sports lovers was marathan match between Rafa and Fedex ....
" God Its killing me " uttered the champion, who just sees Big Nadal Wall between him and history ..
For somebody who has reached grandslam finals from 2004 till date , the excellence & execution is unmatched .
He is certainly in History and will remain in Open era for more years to come .
Fedex has seldom been pushed to final set, and his odds in fivesetter are not as good as the man who beat him the most.
Lets not forget the Zealfull Nadal, who is at his pinnacle of his career , even bettered the longest Semifinal match in the Open , against his Davis cup mate, to keep something special for Fedex .
Erstwhile ,there has been various best of clashes in Open era, Sampras vs Agassi , Beckar vs Edberg , but not as quite as quality of tennis as these two blokes consistently provide .
We l have to wait until the greenish month('m sure Fedex will slip n Rolland garros),to see these two greats battle it out again