Scintillating Singapore

Singapore ....

A Whirlwind ..and a year has passed in this youthfull country /Fun city/ Workaholic Island

Gosh....Time really goes unnoticed ..

So thAT I have been here for a year... thought of ramping up some ' Singapore ishstyle ' that caught my eyes ..

Singapore, in my panoramic view , is a Young Immigrant country which has everything in it to challenge the World ,albeit the size is small .

People are multicultured , decent, modern and extremely hardworking ( Even relax Hard !!! )

One of the few countries, where Goverment has a say in almost everything , hence the System is in place and people abide by it .

There is Huge difference between people coming to view Singapore and people living here , so much that 44 % of Island's population are from other countries , and there is always a stopover crowd in the city .

Here r some must places in S'pore , that I feel, People should include in their detour .

Sentosa is a Island within a Island , so much so that it was purposefully constructed to escape from the Hustle/bustle of the city .

Even Though there are many ways to get to the Island, thrilling way is by Cable Car , transcending over scenic Harbour .
There is more to Sentosa , than many people think as a Single Day Voyage .

UnderWater World , Songs of Sea , 4D Magic are places which generate lot of $$$ to the Island, but are worth every cent . The day should be planned in such a way that , to cover all the above , preferably in twilight .

Not to forget, Sentosa is a naturally constructed Island , which was erstwhile full of Flora and Fauna, so you will also see lot of greenary here .
We can have another evening to spend some lovely beaches( Palawan,Siloso) in the Island ,Christmas through New Year is special occasion /Peak season , so Party Planners plan way before, but would be a memorable one .
Apart from these, Dolphin Lagoon, Butterfly Park , Great Luxury Resorts /Spa's are housed in this mini Island , thereby requiring atleast couple of days to cover this exotic place .

P:S Things here are comparitively costlier, than city , so have sufficient $$$ , before fishing .

World's First Nocturnal Zoo , is one of Singapore's Pride earning lot of visitors every day , spread along 40hectares , with more than 1000 animals
The Show Starts around twilight time and extends upto midnight , offers a quite different experience to see favourite animals in their own backyard , without daylight . The One you ought not to miss.

Photos with flash arent allowed , as some animals might misintrepet you as their Prey..:(
Night Safari location is not in heart of city, so it best to combine it with Zoo and Bird park , which saves you atleast 10 $ . (

There are some special occasions such as 'Haloween Hell' , Spirits' Day, which are really enthralling , for kids and entire family .

My Best bet would be to take a Taxi from Ang Mo Kio MRT . (Note MRT services close by Midnight)

The Jurong Bird park is another scenic location, which encompasses all ingrediants for a family outing . We can cover this place in an evening, as most of bird shows start at that time .

There is a internal Tram to look around the park or you can follow the Bird trail, which is actually better . We can feed the birds, take pictures, watch as they perform ...The park has everything to enthrall the visitors and people workng in park are always pleasant in reception !!!

If you thought Singapore is a concrete Jungle wth only tall buldings and HDB blocks, think again

Singapore also has its own share for the Global warming and Green Revolution .

Macritchie Forest trail and Bukit Timah , provide a Green coating to bustling city .

Many tourists miss this from their tour plan ..

Macritchie is one of the oldest reservoir's ( built in 1860's ), is spread across 146 ha , not very far from the city . THe forest around the water catchment basin is the real trail that people would like to trek/jog/walk . If you want to seriously shed that extra calories, while enjoying nature this trail is for you .

The Pinnacle in this trail is to reach the HSBC Tree Top, or Hanging Bridge, similar to Laxman Jhula in India .

Follow law

There are may Donts than Do's here.. so better follow the Law !!!

The distance varies from 5 kms to 11 kms within the vicinity of forest, but to reach tree top, It takes around 5 hours of walking (17 kms) , which again varies from person to person .
THe Hiking routes are mentioned everywhere , so you wont be lost !!!
The location is really pristine , and on the way we we would encounter number of freshwater wild life, weird plants like pitcher, ant plant , quirky sounds , not to mention the reptiles (watch your way !!)

Distance to our goal

A Vital thing here to mention is , once you are on half way to the forest, you will not get any transport to get back, or some refreshment places, so decide before you start and carry water bottles , as it is essential . The best time to start is by morning , so you reach the top by around 10 am .

After a mean 4 hour long walk, you reach the HSBC Tree Top , which is around 250 m and 27 metres High Suspension bridge , which colligates 2 peak points Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalong .
The Bridge can hold only 30 people at a time, and is ONe way !!! so No looking back

Goodbye to the 250m long treetop walk

After strenous Walking, The Tree Top offers a Bird's view of Floura and Fauna , in the crux of not so dense forest .The canopy is soo good that you l get to see all happening in vicinity .

The walk back down even more looks long than way up, coz it has long steps in zig zag manner .

The worst thing I felt was ,there was no restroom or any source of water, for atleast 3 to 4 kms down from tree top . (

You l have lot of natural friends in this canopy walk, like monkeys ,insects , small birds, and some weird creatures make sure to take care of your belongings , and after this great trail, most people would take taxi back home :) ..I m no different ...but to zip the entire trip, It was real enthralling experiance, one ought not to miss !!!