IF GOD WAS A Banker ... Revisited

Thought of reading this from last year.... somehow got time to complete this only this year ...albeit I read Ravi 's next book about Metaphor Ferarri .

This is certainly , just NOT another book from IIM Alumni sequel Story .
Its a fast paced book, telling tale about 2 IIM bozos ,their life and their paths to glory .

Ravi really keeps up to his reputation of Alumni tag, but there is too much Bias about our hero Swami in the book ...may be there r best of pals,belong to south India, or often share Idli/vada(as stated in book)
The book really opens up, the nuances of fresh B-School grad's life after college, transformation from college to corporate arena , in eyes of our protagonists ,Swami and Sundeep Srivatsava
Retail marketing, Banking jargons,small Witty oneliners ,
Honesty vs Aggression ,Corporate Cupid , Post marital affairs , Promotion politics
This has it in all to be made a short pacy fictious film (English though..)
The common traits of this book are , both Swami & Sundeep are level-headed,ahead of their times, witty , and are climbing corporate ladders in their own styles

Swami is epitome of all good things, coz of his middle class upbringing ,and proves that humbleness and honesty can take you to places,sooner or later, with peace of mind .
Sundeep is portrayed as Womaniser,still aggresive,gaining pelf through peril , attaining attention at any cost (helped by Naresh) , but, with No peace of mind .
Kalpana , Natasha ,The US auditor , all play pivotal roles, but the beholder of the book was the boss Aditya ... who started by recruiting our protagonists, and culminates by saving Sundeep and raising Swami to another level .
Anybody who is fresh from college needs a guide to Wily corporate World, and Aditya was one such metaphor used in book .
I m not sure why Ravi , gives such a dark side to people who are in High positions in Corporate Ladder, although it might be true to some extent ,could have thrown more light into promotion politics rather than Flesh and Booze ,Nevertheless gritting Debut .