Wonky Wimbledon

Exactly , a year and 10 days, back to blogging,

As my favourite Tournament is about to begin, The Legacy continues ....

French s over, Nadal did it again, Will it be wonky again in Wimbledon for Fedex !!

It seems Roger is not at his best, this year, but still Lawn tenning follows different law :)

King of Grass might do 6 in a row, surpassing Bjon borg and Sampras , to be solitude in Elite club

Experts say, the clay crasher is only person , between Fedex and the Crown

Paes and bhupathi and joining hands again, atleast a practice , before real Bejing test

Sania maniac s coming down, hope her game doesnot..

Any how, Its going tobe Convulsive 2 weeks ahead, at All England club .

I wish I cud watch proceedings live .... someday I wil be there .. nothing s far away...
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