THe World has shrunk Honey

Social networking has indeed changed the lives of many of us .

Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Newswine, Linkedin .... These are no more jargons..and If you are not part of them ,Your just behind all other actors in 'All the World's  stage' . 

If Internet has sown seeds of Knowledge Exploration, Social networking has furthur diversified this Globe trotting of Information , through friends .
Video sites,Blogs and Search engines are almost intertwined with these sites for their survival or vice-versa .

From Susan Boyle, Ashton kutcher,Lim Ding Wen,Shashi Tharoor to 'Whats up this weekend' ,We can share anything with anybody .

If we look into finer nuances of this , this just explores that all people have some common trait , that to share things with their near and dear, and these networking sites acts as a platform 

Any technology has a flip side to it,this is no different .

Ethical Hackers at one end, and huge Anti-Virus Industry at other end , Personal Privacy at stake and last but not least increasing Porn Pavements .

On a larger note ,these are certainly a boon to stay close with friends,peers, loved ones and share all we want to ,albeit within our permissible limits .

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