Yearn for Urn ..

Legacy ....

Nobody else in the world know better this word than the English .Not coz They ruled Asians for many years, and have a yawning history.. They knew how to remember and cherish that ,
Ashes , All England lawn Croquet club ,FC's are finite remnants of Sporting history ,which dates back to 18th century

If January you are down Under, July U shud be in London ..The Summer is best here than many parts of World . The Sporting calender goes full circle , with F1, Tennis, Cricket and Football .

Two people who captured every Brit heart this summer was Federer (Greatest Ever..?
and Flintoff .

The former went onto beat Sampras grand old record of 16 grandslams ,and is in acme of tennis
Ashes , as well know ,is test match cricket is played between England and Australia , for the little urn .

I like my peers still feel, 2005 was best series every played for the Urn lot more ways

Australia had an almost invincible team with Ponting at the helm, supported by Hayden/Langer at top ,Clarke and Martyn in middle ,Gilchrist to keep , Warne and Mcrath to destroy . But still having all this resources They lost to Vaughan's England 1-2 .
Test matches were never boring , in Ashes series, since It was equally fought , withball and bat , and some words :)
An Intruiging Series, with bits and pices of controversy , professional commentary by Great Team of Richie Benaud,Boycott,Bumble ,Mark Nicholus, Tony Greig,Botham .
Cricket became Summer sport again in England .
The Series was later called as Flintoff's series, same as that of Ian Botham , back in 1981.The Big fella took wickets/runs and more importantly Fit ,to be on top of Oz's .

Andrew Freddie Flintoff Lords 2009 by starwarshoarder.

4 years On, The passion remains the same in Ashes 09, but Is Quality of Cricket still same..?

Remember there was no T20 cricket then, No IPL, Schedules werent crumbled....

England were bent to their knee in Cardiff to hold a draw .... but come Lords They rose to the occasion , winning OZ by more than 100 runs .The last win came around 1934 .
Who was hero ...Its Freddie again, playing his last series .

Ponting was at helm again, but now he is without the Wings of Warne & Mcrath he had to trust his new kids on block, but Unfortunately Mitchel Johnson went wayward , couldnt control himself in aura of playing first time in Lords' and adjust to that slope , erring too much ,exposing his captain's weakness and succumbing to pressure .

Oz are always expected to bounce back, Let's see where is this heading to....

In this modernage of T20 cricket,This still remains the best Test cricket series , and hopefully will remain ever ...coz of Legacy ..The History holds a lot of say in this .

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