Singapore Slang.....

If you feel , there is no Unique thing to Singapore , as they are relatively young country, then You are taken for a twist here .

I have been here close to a year, I m amazed at the way People talk here, They call Singlish ..something Unique here..
When You hear ..It would be like English , but It just sounds different , in my words Weird  . Even People speak a different dialect of Tamil,unlike in TN
If you are new to Singapore , here is Slang you should get used to...

                 Yes or Ok  means Can -- You l see lot of people use 'Can can '

                 'Top Up' means recharge/refill  -- You need to know this coz you l have to topup..err recharge your Bus/Train Ezlink cards   
                  Already  -- I dont know why they add this word to every sentence they speak
                  Ok- Lah     -- Almost all people add this word 'Lah' to the end of sentence , Formosan Influence
                  Jalan - Jalan means road/ street /way /route /path/Go  ..depends on person you speak to ..:(
                  Angmo - A White Foreigner esp. from Europe/US
                  Bukit - Bukit mean Hill, a elevated place  - They refer this   to any higer slope as well

             Kopi/Kopic/TehC  - Kopi means coffee ,alias Black coffee , You should ask with Milk , which is 'C'

                  MRT - Nearest railway station , You can spot any place  and ask for nearest MRT and look that
                              in the map - very easy 
                Kaya Toast  - Breakfast  you can find only in this part of World - Butter, Kaya (sweet)  with bread

                  Mustafa /Cheers/ 7-Eleven - These shops are available all round Island , 7/11 & Mustafa  are 24/7 shop , where you will get everything from Condom to Computers   .

                  NTUC Fair Price  /Cold storage  -- NTUC (National Trade Union Congress ) , has stalls all over the Island  , is under the Government and has quality products at lower prices .
People only call NTUC and not fair price,
 Cold storage has all imported products at slightly higher price, especially the meat products (not for me)

                    HDB - Housing developementAuthority
                   Condo - Condominium 
                    Poly - generally means Health clinic nearby /also known for Polytechnic college
                   Community centre - Place for localitypeople to congregate and serve people within .
                   Dry/Wet market  - Place where you can buy cheap Non-Veg (Sea food kind)
                  Tekka  --  Tekka means Market , which is actually in Little India .

                                    and many more, will update as and when I notice ...

    Some Useful Abbreviationss
                  PUB - Public Utility Bills

                  NRIC /IC  - National Registration Identity Card , all people call it IC . 
                              Since most of people here are from other countries , carrying IC ( Foreign Index Number -Pink/Blue Card) is better, to have in Wallet.                                                  
                              Whenever you go to , Your first identity Card for registration would be your IC 

                   NETS  - Network for Electronic Transfer

                           Anytime/Anywhere to Swipe money .Make sure when you open account You have NETS enabled
                           Almost All remunerated  have their NETS enabled on to their Debit/Credit cards
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