Sally & Black House..?

Talking about Change , Change actually conquered the Throne finally..
Black man in White House ... Obama deserves everybit of this and all re now hoping for the better in this bitter recession .. its time for Action more than Words , as half the planet's economy is coupled under Black brother..:)
Hope Obama lives upto his expectation and fulfills reminiscent of American dream of Luther King .
Hailing the president , thee was another hero last week in Hudson River.... "Sally" , the great Pilot who saved many lives by floating a Plane in Hudson river, for a flight bound for Charlotte,NC
Two birds once agian caused flight to lose control, but it requires lot of mettle in handling the situation.
Something about Sally, My friend in Mclean, Roger told me that Sally,57, is no new to these situations as he is running a private Jet suite training , and He has enough experience of landing in water . Executing your excellence at right time doesnt come to all... Hail the Hero !!!!
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