Thunder Down Under ..

There has been the absorbing sport all last couple of weeks , be it the Steelers steeling the show in the Superbowl for the third time, or gimmicks over Chelsea in EPL, or Who's the Biggest Dollar cat in IPL (for a change lets spare Dog)
If its going be Jan/Feb, You gotta be down under , Aussie dominance mozzie finally sucking its own blood under pressure , having lost to SF in test series and in Onedayers. Cricket wont be onesided anymore :(
But the real treat to all sports lovers was marathan match between Rafa and Fedex ....
" God Its killing me " uttered the champion, who just sees Big Nadal Wall between him and history ..
For somebody who has reached grandslam finals from 2004 till date , the excellence & execution is unmatched .
He is certainly in History and will remain in Open era for more years to come .
Fedex has seldom been pushed to final set, and his odds in fivesetter are not as good as the man who beat him the most.
Lets not forget the Zealfull Nadal, who is at his pinnacle of his career , even bettered the longest Semifinal match in the Open , against his Davis cup mate, to keep something special for Fedex .
Erstwhile ,there has been various best of clashes in Open era, Sampras vs Agassi , Beckar vs Edberg , but not as quite as quality of tennis as these two blokes consistently provide .
We l have to wait until the greenish month('m sure Fedex will slip n Rolland garros),to see these two greats battle it out again
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  1. I always love the match between Federer Vs Nadal. But you know am a big big fan of "Whoever wins ;D"