Negativity in News ..

Lately, There has been too much negativity in media about this recession and credit crunch that,I feel that Ignorance is certainly bliss ,for some stages in Life .

Certainly It is apparent that We are in middle of Fizzy financial future ,but Life in itself is a Obscure journey .

And to add fuel to the fire ,Big Money czars like Madoff (They call Mad at madoff now) , Standford ,Satyam Raju ,and more to follow in coming days .

But there is always dawn after dark, The governments across world are taking up stimulus packages , cutting interest rates , making sure money reaches banks, markets, industries, Educational Institutions,health care ,creating jobs to thrust economy

Singapore , an active IMF member, has for first time in history has tapped its reserves .

As Financial pundits say, Stock markets might not always reflect country's economy on whole, it does give grave graph .In other hand GDP,Inflation and Consumer spending census by far is right tool to judge .

With Today's Economy so intertwined ,Media can help actually third world countries' reflecting whats the shrinkage level happening elsewhere across globe .

But we seldom see Media reporting Recuperating ways or measures for common man , to encounter till it gets better.

In India, Media has come off age, with so many news channels fighting for TRP ratings, any soul-stirring news is always RSS feed for them .

Print Media is always and will always be better than E-media, coz it is not instant news but a thought induced and verified information .

Page3, Sports and Healthcare news will more or less be soothing or boosting, coz they are always money spinners.

As we all know, AP,Reuters,AFP are premium providers of day today news , I read somewhere in a Reuters' Employer blog that there is a lot of tweak and pinch , from what they provide and what it is actually ,and underlying factor is the $$$ which flows in it .

The E- media (TV & Net) gets it from them (less officially and mostly unofficially) .

The Positive Vibe has to start from here ,but I guess there is no Single Boss(editor desk) to gauge what is correct and what isn't and it all boils down to Collective Loyal Journalism .
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