JAI HO .....

ARR has finally won something which was due for his hardwork and quality music...The Oscar

I was watching all Live the event in office ( Courtesy : Media 5 in our Cafeteria ) !!!

This means a lot to his fans all over the world , His sales records' speak for themselves , surpassing all combined Madonna's , Spears', and other solo performers of this generation.

ARR has evolved over last 2 decades, re-inventing himself , presenting to larger world new refreshing music, blending technology with Tasteful soul stirring music .

A true Genius , The Mozart of madras , thoroughly deserved this honour,for all his perseverance ,hardwork and Quality of music,which he never compromises .

As Always, He is down to earth and dedicates award to his mother and God . He always mentions "God is great " , sure his divine connection and simpleness always keeps him grounded , but his aura has reached dizzy heights .
My personal favorite ARR song is "Yeh jo Desh hai mera" from Swades .

He has put Indian Music Map in the Oscar limelight and and day is not far, when a true Indian Film bags one Oscar , needless to say it will have ARR in it.

JAI HO !!!
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    You have good English writing skills.. I admire it.