Blushing Boredom

Offlate, I have been reading books at a pace, which I have never done in my life.

Books are filling in space left by my good friends,to blush boredom .

To add my Zeal, Singapore hosts many Second Sale Book Shows, and every locality has huge lending Library.
Even though I m a ardent Archer follower, I m going through some biographical books lately which are mind blowing.
Chetan Bhagat is also fast becoming an Indian Icon in space (Shelfari,Google,biblio) ,I still feel
"5 point" had more freshness,pristine thoughts and a feel good factor.
He then moved on to "Call center World and then to Cricket,Religion in " 3 Mistakes" . The former was made into a Bolly Flop, while I guess the later is also script worth of masala flick .
A IIM passout, No Candy, he knows how to sell his Words,but his Lingo is quite good Urbanite humor, catering Gen Y and Z .
Zoya factor is another one worth for money-An Adwomen's view of marketing Cricket.
Nine on Nine , by Nandita Puri, has been rated as one of the Pioneer in modern era , has more feminine flavor , but TOI Experience helps her heal it, to present it in a sweet manner.
Debono,Stephen Covey,LouisGerstner,Spencer Johnson,..........They all belong to special list in my mindspace, as they always help in reinventing/F5 my memory cache, albeit they are strangers :(
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