2 States - Marraige Drollness

2 States

Chetans latest ..is about the Intercaste/state marraige in India ..with certainly Pun intended a bit more..:)
I thoroughly enjoyed the book,completed in few Office MRT trips ...
I m not sure howmany people would understand his lingo like
'Practising Tam Brahm ,safezone guy, Gori vs kaala Jokes,Citibank/HLL didoes

To cut long story short, The passage from love to marraige between 2 Hi-fi Management Geeks ,who are from different parts of India where their cultures' differ more than a yawning gap,still their hearts stand tall .

To be honest, These type of marraiges are rarity, but can only happen/nurture in your college days- First love is always special,and if it culminates in arranged approved Wedding as this does,Life is certainly Beautiful !!

I have many North Indian friends who told me the horror of surviving in Chennai, but All is not that bad from what you think of this cultured city

For sure Chennai is not Bangalore or Hyderabad,which are perfect Cosmo cities, but people must understand that everything takes time in Chennai , but once accustomed, they swear by it ,without losing Identity ,not many cities can boast that !!

But certain witty quotes about chennai are blatantly true .

'Spotting a Tamil speaking Sardarji is like finding polar bear in Delhi '

'Why on Earth all people wake up so early in this city '

'Tamilians love Anybody who is fair , Intellectually Intelligent,Educated people - Chennai embraces them .
'Fashion is not a chennai Hallmark'

'Traditionally Hindu-addicted people ,reading Editorial pages - TOI took decades to come here .

'Tamilians love to irritate Non Tamil Speakers by speaking only in Tamil - partly true depends on clan and Gang ..

'Nerd Embryo - boy/girl who has physics,chemistry,maths as their best friends !!!

'Every teenager watches porn'

'Tamilian, Brahmin & Iyer (3 seperate identities -Noncompliance in any -U r disqualified )

'Marble Floring to a Punjabi is Foreign degree to a Tamilian '

'Tamilians can distinguish good singers from bad, as punjabis would a butter Chicken in a jiffy '

The Story has sprinkles of sarcasm,racism (Hightime we accept it exists) ,but we all are united by Indian at heart ,which is the final uniting factor in all our desi marraiges :)

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  1. fully agree on these points. read my review of 2 states..