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Enthusiasm may start a work, but it is only effort that can finish it.
You may deceive your companions, But never your conseience.
Powerty grows on laziness; Power grows on fear;
Patience grows on understanding; Position grows on responsibility.

Marriage is based on tolerence;
Love is based on faith Admiration is based on respect;
Hatred is based on suspicion.
Sentiments resists logic
Logic resists passion; Passion resists sense;But Sense promotes wisdom

Love is a mixture of tolerance and affection
Lust is a mixture of aggression and ego;
Fate is a mixture of helplessness and faith;
Hate is a mixture of contempt and sentiment.

Liked these lines ...something we can share/ feel :)
-- Anonymous ..
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  1. gils Says:

    winash times...interesting buddhi :D :d nice quotes

  2. Varun Says:

    Really nice quotes!

    Am back :D