Avatar --- Opulently Audacious



THe Most expected film of the decade ...certainly did meet its expectations, unlike many fall like damp squib.

I watched this in 3 D(someday all films should be watched this way) ,providing out of World Experience

Year end seems to be time some good films are coming out , be it 2012 (some say it s a dumb movie),Rocket Singh, 3 Idiots ,Sherlock Holmes

Avatar is so different from other ones coz of its very thought of living in another planet ,courtesy his special effects

Cameroon just gives us around 15 mts of time at start of film , before we understand that
'We are no more in Kansas and should get used to Pandora'

The irony is that kernel of scientifc possibility of such a life cannot be ruled out .

Here are some Flake facts supporting Cameroon's World

Pandora is a alien world where Nature is still intact with its people, a Super conductor paradise.

The rare 'Unobtanium' ,which Earth is so deficit of ,for its Energy crisis ,is ubiquitous here

We all know that When superconductors are in the presence of a magnetic field, they can float.

Pandora is such a place where its assumed that Mountains ,Landscapes, reefs float Coz of this principle

Unobtanium can conduct electricity without resistance at room temperature; the best current superconductors work only when the temperature is below minus 150 F

Thus Unobtanium loaded mountains, Trees float in this Massive magnetic field

Another startling effect is bioluminescence Ecosystem – organisms’ ability to create their own light, This might be a reality tomorrow if we run short of Energy and Nature when deprived light produces on its own.

Pandora is more of a Moon rather a Planet , where Day/Night is quite long (27 Earth days to revolve the planet)

The radiation Emitted is also downplayed by Super Magnetic field , thus protecting people living there.and their huge Sizes are result of Gravity (10 times of that of Earth )

THe Usual filmy gimmicks are also there,like Navi people speaking English(not sure why they are blue coloured) , Invasion tactics compared to Iran/Afghanistan ,Destroying the Giant Tree Clan when The Precious metal is available everywhere in Pandora but Sci-Fi totally overhauls all those minuscule Errors

The Climax is one to be worth watching in 3 D

The Story is envisioned in view of a paraplegic who remains saving the alien group while Good Spirits(Eva) ,Neytiri, Bio-Scientists all form best of acting crew.

Albeit the Length of Movie is bit Elongated ,you dont get these movies every decade

3 Cheers to Cameroon !!!

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